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- SSD supports the all new SATA 6 Gb/s interface -

PX-M2S Series - Solid State Drives by Plextor
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February 7th, 2011– Plextor, a leading brand of high-performance storage and digital media solutions, enters the SSD market with the extremely fast M2S series. The M2S series SSD is a perfectly engineered Solid State Drive with outstanding quality standards on speed, stability and lifespan and will be available in 3 different capacities: 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

The SSD is boasted by its server-grade Marvell 88SS9174 control chip, currently the industry’s most advanced control chip, which is also used in central processors. This chip provides users world-class performance with the best read/write speeds, increased stability and an enhanced lifespan.


Plextor is one of the first brands to offer SSD with the latest SATA 6Gb/s interface for fast transfer times, with sequential read speed up to 480MB/s.


Capacity Performance (Read / Write)
64 GB Up to 370 / 110 MBps
128 GB Up to 420 / 210 MBps
256 GB Up to 480 / 330 MBps

The drive achieves its unequaled long-term stability by incorporating Plextor’s unique “Instant Restore Technology” to overcome the performance loss associated with long-term use. The M2S also supports the latest Windows 7 TRIM command, providing more efficient data wipe-out methods. Together, those two technologies overcome the common SSD problem performance degrading after long-term usage.

Performance, stability, and lifespan of the SSD are also improved by the generous 128MB DDR3 cache, serving as a temporary storage buffer. The DDR3 high-speed transfer interface will reduce seek/read/write time of the flash memory so that data is transferred more quickly.

Also increasing the product lifespan is the Dynamic Wear Leveling system that uses the most efficient data allocation method, so that data is written into various memory blocks equally, which reduces the number of memory wipe-outs and thus preventing from performance degrading.

The Plextor M2S series is ideal for users who require consistently high transfer rates from their SSD, who expect a long product life, and who demand uncompromising stable performance in real use situations.

Plextor offers 3 years of ‘Fast Warranty Service' in the EU, Norway and Switzerland for the M2S series (and 1 year carry-in in other countries).

Pricing and availability will be announced in March, when the Plextor M2S SSD will be available in Europe.